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Big Softies Nappy Fasteners

Big Softies

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Big Softies Nappy Fasteners 3pk is a great alternative to using nappy pins.

Made by the trusted Big Softies brand, these stretchy plastic fasteners grip onto your prefold, flat or fitted nappies to hold them in place without the need for nappy pins. 

Available in assorted colours.


Care Instructions

Before you use your nappy fastener it must be stretched gently in all directions. We recommend the use of two or three nappy fasteners in rotation.

DO NOT use on a child who is able to undo the nappy fastener or remove their nappy.

DO NOT use your nappy fastener for longer than six months.

INSPECT your nappy fastener from time to time and discontinue use immediately if there is any sign of cracking, tearing or wear of the teeth or other parts.