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Big Softies Nappy Liners

Big Softies

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Big Softies Bamboo Nappy Liners (100pk) are the perfect accessory to make your cloth nappy journey easy. These biodegradable, anti-bacterial bamboo viscose liners are compostable making them environmentally friendly and baby friendly. They help prevent smells and mess when used with cloth or reusable nappies. 

Each liner measures 17.5cm x 30cm. 


Simply lay a disposable bamboo liner flat inside the reusable nappy. The moisture will pass through the liner and the solid matter will remain on top. Tip the solids into the toilet and rinse the liner, then dispose in the compost or rubbish bin. 

Please note: Cloth and Carry does not recommend flushing any disposable nappy liner, regardless of the materials they are made from or the type of toilet system you have.