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Newborn Cloth Nappy 10pc Combo Pack

Cloth & Carry

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Not sure which cloth nappies will be the best for your baby? Worried about committing to a full stash of newborn nappies only to birth a 5kg baby that goes straight into OSFM nappies? Or perhaps you want to give the gift of option to expectant parents. The Newborn Cloth Nappy 10pc Combo Pack is for you!

With a Cloth and Carry Cloth Nappy Bulk Pack you get a selection of different types of nappies to try at a discounted price before you dive in and commit to a full stash.

What's included:

  • 1x Alcmena all-in-two newborn nappy
  • 1x Grovia all-in-one newborn nappy
  • 1x Seedling Baby all-in-two newborn nappy
  • 1x Bubblebubs Pebbles all-in-one newborn nappy
  • 2x Bubblebubs BamBams fitted nappy
  • 1x Bubblebubs newborn waterproof cover
  • 1x RAWr Mini360 newborn waterproof cover
  • 1x RAWr newborn bamboo (night) prefold
  • 1x RAWr newborn hemp (day) prefold
  • Also includes FREE shipping!


*Please note if any of these lines are unavailable they will be substituted for the nearest similar product at no cost to you. Unfortunately this is sometimes unavoidable due to the nature of limited release nappy lines.