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RAWr Mini 360 Nappy Cover


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The RAWr 360 Stretchy PUL nappy cover is designed for use as a waterproof cloth nappy cover for day time or overnight.

Use with:

Available in two sizes:

  • Mini: Newborn to 6-8 months old,
  • One Size: 6 months to approximately 5 years old.

↻ Waterproof PUL nappy cover, recommended for use with prefold tucked under the gusset circle or over prefold or fitted cloth nappy fastened with pins or fastener.
↻ Gentle elastic and clever 360° gusset design leaves no red marks on baby’s skin.
↻ Side snaps give a better fit around skinny legs – exceptional pooplosion protection.
↻ Wipe inside of cover, air and reuse if not soiled.
↻ Designed to allow full freedom of movement with no snaps or velcro to push on little bellies during tummy time.
↻ Use your newborn nappies for up to 6-8 months before needing to upsize.

If using prefold nappies full time we recommend 24 hemp prefolds, 8 to 10 covers, and 3 to 6 night weight bamboo prefolds to allow for washing and drying every 2 to 3 days. Cover can be reused between washes if not soiled, just wipe out, air then reuse next change.