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Reusable Nappy Liners PREORDER

Baby Bare

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Baby Bare PREORDER stock for the With Love release on 15/10/20 is expected to arrive at Cloth and Carry by Friday 23rd October. All orders containing preorder stock will be shipped (or ready for collection) when all stock arrives.

Microfleece nappy liners provide a stay dry lining on your nappies and help make nappy changes easier. These liners protect your nappy inserts and are an alternative to disposable/single use liners as they can be washed and reused. They can help cleaning up a dirty nappy easier as they will simply lift out of your nappy.

Empty solid waste into the toilet, rinse, then pop the liner into your wash with your inserts & covers.

Each liner measures 12×32cm. We recommend purchasing one liner per nappy you own so that you have one to use in each nappy. Simply lay over the top of your inserts before putting a nappy on your baby.

Baby Bare microfleece reusable nappy liners are:

$6.00 for a 10 pack

$25.00 for a 50 pack