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Soakmaster1000 Night Nappy Tummy Booster (15% off)


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Boost the absorbency of your Soakmaster1000 fitted night time nappies right where it counts for boys, heavy wetters and tummy sleepers:

  • Now even bigger, for more super absorbent bamboo coverage.
  • One heavy wetter bamboo tummy booster adds up to 6 layers of absorbency right where it’s needed. 
  • Booster snaps to the Soakmaster1000 on the medium and large settings to hold extra absorbency securely in place all night long. 
  • Boosting on the outside means a more snug and comfortable fit for heavy wetting babies. 
  • These boosters also fit inside the internal gusset of RAWr's Stuff n Snap night nappies. 

Nappy inserts and boosters come with rainbow overlocking (serging).


We recommend a thorough rinse after use, followed by dry pailing (placing soiled nappies and inserts in a dry pail after rinsing, until washing) but advise against leaving a soiled insert longer than 2 days without washing.

Warm-hot machine wash. Hang or lay flat to dry. No bleaching, fabric softener or soaking required. Bamboo and hemp fabrics shrink during their first few washes by 10-15%, if washed or rinsed in water above 60°C (not recommended or covered under warranty) this shrinkage could increase to up to 30%.

(Booster only, nappy sold separately)