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The Babywearing Experience - 60 min Online Consultation

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Welcome to the world of babywearing. As new parents we know we want to wear our babies, but where do we start? Skip the generic baby store advice, and the well-meaning but confusing advice from online forums, and book in for your personalised babywearing experience with Perth babywearing consultant Alyce Mostert. Let me help you find a baby carrier that is optimal for you and your baby, and teach you to use it to its full potential.

During this 90 minute Zoom consultation you will:

  • learn a little about babywearing history and physiology
  • learn about babywearing safety and ergonomics
  • see demonstrations of a range of different baby carriers
  • find the "right" baby carrier/s for you and your family (within the limitation of not physically trying them on for yourself)
  • receive a personalised summary of our consultation via email within 24 hours of your appointment
  • receive ongoing email support, always.

Why is this consult shorter than the in-person option? Unfortunately the digital world is limited by the inability for me to teleport carriers through my screen to your chest, so whilst I can demonstrate them to you, you won't be able to physically try on the carriers like you would during an in-person demonstration. You still benefit from seeing comparisons of different styles and brands of carriers, and learning the basics behind babywearing history, physiology, safety and ergonomics. We can discuss which features you think will suit you best, and you'll get a free 15 minute follow up Zoom consult if you choose to purchase a carrier from me where I can teach you how to use your new carrier when it arrives in your hands. 

Did you know? This consultation can be tailored to larger groups and workshops for mothers (or parents) groups, daycare centres, health professionals  and community organisations. Contact me for more information.