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Alcmena OSFM Nappy Bulk CODES


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I know you love the gorgeous and incredibly absorbent range of Alcmena nappies, and I know you need (or want) more. So I want to help you get that little bum into cloth full time with a range of Alcmena OSFM nappy bundle pack codes to give you more value for your money. Buy any combination of Alcmena v1.5 and/or v3.5 nappies and enter the code at checkout. 

BULK PACK CODES: Simply add your preferred Alcmena v1.5 and/or v3.5 nappies to your cart, enter the discount code AND get FREE shipping included! 

  • Alcmena STARTER (6 nappies):
    • Buy any 6 nappies for $199.55, save 10%
    • Discount code: AlcmenaSTART
  • Alcmena DOZEN (12 nappies):
    • Buy any 12 nappies for $376.90, save 15%
    • Discount code: AlcmenaDOZEN
  • Alcmena FILL MY STASH (20 nappies):
    • Buy any 20 nappies for $591.20, save 20%
    • Discount code: AlcmenaSTASH

Alcmena v3.5 OSFM nappies are made to suit all babies. It comes with three inserts, to ensure you can customise the absorbency to best fit your little one. The inserts all cleverly snap together, and into the shell, making it easy to put on to even the wriggliest of babies. These incredible nappies are available in both snaps and velcro closure to suit every family's needs. 

Alcmena v1.5 OSFM nappies are a slightly smaller, slimmer fit without compromising on quality or absorbency. Suitable from just 3kg, the v1.5 nappy can be used from newborn right through to toilet training for most children. Choose your absorbency requirements with 2 inserts that can be snapped into the waterproof shell inside or outside the pocket, which is lined with athletic jersey for the ultimate in stay-dry luxury.