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Neko Slings Switch Toddler to Preschool Carrier


      The Switch Toddler Carrier by Neko Slings is one of the most adjustable and supportive full buckle toddler carriers in the world.

      Suitable from approximately 11kg or size 2 clothing right through to preschool, the Switch offers ergonomic positioning for both the baby and the adult, with inclusive sizing to suit almost every body shape and size. The Switch Toddler Carrier is a wrap conversion carrier because it is made from a range of stunning traditional Turkish woven wraps, so it is soft and snuggly from the very first day. 

      Neko Switch is fully adjustable to fit your toddler right through until preschool. Switch Toddler can be used for both front and back carrying. 

      Neko Slings Switch Baby Size is also available at Cloth and Carry. 

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