Book a Babywearing Consultation

*Babywearing Consultations are currently closed*

Let Alyce Mostert, an internationally qualified babywearing consultant, help you wear your baby (or toddler) like the super parent that you are, with the confidence that you are nailing it on comfort, positioning and safety - every single time!

Cloth and Carry's chief babywearing educator, Alyce Mostert, wearing a Girasol MySol half buckle baby carrier

Whether you are a complete babywearing newbie or a seasoned babywearer looking to learn some new skills, a private consultation could be the perfect fit for you.

I will help you understand the different styles of carriers or cloth nappies and their individual benefits to work out what might be the best option for you and your family. 

We will discuss, demonstrate and practice fitting and adjusting your preferred carrier/s until you are confident in getting it right, by yourself, every time. I will also show you how to adapt your chosen carrier/s and technique as your child grows and develops, so that you can be confident in wearing your baby right through to toddlerhood and beyond. 

The end of your consultation does not mean the end of my dedication to your babywearing journey. You will receive a detailed email summary of your appointment including videos for future reference (if required), and you can rest assured I will always be available by email to help you troubleshoot as your little one becomes not-so-little! 

Why book a babywearing consultation with Alyce Mostert at Cloth and Carry?

As a babywearing consultant trained by Babywearing School Australia, Australian Babywearing Association and Center for Babywearing Studies, you can be confident that I have learnt from the best in the industry. I have helped hundreds of Australian families learn to wear their little people through private consultations, group seminars and an ongoing dedication to my local babywearing volunteer group: Baby Wearers Western Australia Incorporated

I have helped families navigate babywearing journeys with twins, tandem babywearing, hip dysplasia, colic, oral ties/dysfunction, infantile liver transplantation and pregnancy, to name a few. And let's not forget wearing my own four children through hundreds of hours of contact naps, babywearing training, practicing new techniques, trialing new carriers, babywearing photo shoots and more! 

Babywearing consultations can be performed online via video chat or in Alyce's Cloth and Carry home showroom in Beeliar. I don't do in home consultations, sorry. 

If my calendar is full and you want to get comfortable in your carrier ASAP, I encourage you to get in contact with one of the following babywearing consultants for further assistance: 

  • Miranda Potter (Attached Babywearing, Ellenbrook WA) - in your home and online consultations available. 
  • Emma Hoskins (A Joey Named Jack Babywearing, Beldon WA) - in person and online consultations available.
  • Olivia Coleman (Olivia Rose Babywearing, Lake Coogee WA) - in person and online consultations available.
  • Merinda Barnes (SnuggleBub Babywearing, Kingsley WA) - in person and online consultations available. In home consultations limited (travel fee applies).

Still have questions?

No problem! Check out our Babywearing Consultations Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information, or hit the chat button and ask away.