General FAQs


We offer flat rate shipping: STANDARD $10 / EXPRESS $15.

We utilise carbon neutral shipping through Australia Post and Sendle.

*Please note: Cloth and Carry is located in Perth, Western Australia. This can already place some pressure on shipping times, however all Australian mailing services are currently experiencing significant additional delays. Next day delivery is not guaranteed with Express Post services. Cloth and Carry does not accept responsibility for long shipping times or items lost in transit.

Please refer to our Shipping Policy for full details.

Our system automatically sends you an email and text message confirmation when your order is ready to be shipped, including tracking number/s and estimated shipping times where applicable.

Oh no! This is our worst nightmare. It is completely out of our control, but we promise to do everything in our power to find or replace* missing orders. Please email us with your order number and tracking details so that we can follow this up for you.

* Like-for-like replacement is not always possible due to the high turnover of designs across our store. We will always try our hardest to source an identical replacement for you, but sometimes we will need to either swap items for something similar or offer a refund. Sorry!

Yes, that is no problem. Email us with your order number and let us know you want to change to Express Post ($15*), and provided the order hasn't already been shipped we will email you an invoice to cover the difference in cost.

*If you are upgrading from our $10 regular post, we will invoice you the $5 difference, however if you would like to upgrade your free shipping order to express post you will be invoiced our standard Express Post flat-rate of $15.

Sure! If you are local and want to collect your order, that is absolutely fine. Just email before you receive any shipping update emails from us and we will ensure your order is ready for collection from our showroom.

Shipping fees will be refunded, where applicable.

Click and Collect

You can select Local Pickup at checkout, and you'll almost always be able to collect your order from our Beeliar Showroom within 24 hours.

The exact pickup instructions, including address and where to find your order when you get here, will be emailed to you when your order is ready to go. Please hit reply and let us know when you plan to collect your order so that we can have it ready and waiting for you.

Absolutely! Let us know what day suits you best, and a rough timeframe, when you reply to our "Ready For Collection" email.


Our full returns and refunds policy can be found here.

Please email your order number and which product/s you wish to return to:

The customer is liable for the full cost of tracked return shipping as per our Returns and Refunds Policy and the cost of shipping the original order is non-refundable.

A product may be exchanged if it is sent back:

* unworn and unwashed

* with original tags and packaging intact (where applicable)

* free of stains, odours, animal hair, and damage

Free shipping is not offered for returns or exchanges.

The return will be processed when the package arrives back at Cloth and Carry, and you will receive a store credit email in the amount of the returned item/s.

Please get in touch and let us know what's going on so we can discuss our returns process with you. We need as much information as possible, so please include photos, a description, your order number, and your best contact number in case we need to call you about it. We also need your most up to date shipping address, in case we need to book a courier to collect the item/s from you or to send you a replacement.


Note: refund eligibility criteria applies and will be assessed by Cloth and Carry management.

You must contact us to arrange your return AND lodge your return parcel with your local post office (or have it collected by a Sendle courier, where applicable) within 30 calendar days of your original order delivery date.

A product may be returned or exchanged if it is sent back:

* unworn and unwashed

* with original tags and packaging intact (where applicable)

* free of stains, odours, animal hair, and damage

Consultation and Shopping FAQs

Whoa friend, this is a huge question and virtually impossible to answer right here right now! We need to take into account a whole range of things about you, your limitations, your lifestyle and of course your baby.

The best way to get highly personalised advice is to book a private consultation with me (Alyce Mostert - cloth nappy and babywearing educator) so that we can go through your individual circumstances. Alternatively, you can always contact me for a chat via email or Facebook Messenger.

This can be a difficult question to answer with generalisations.

If you don't know exactly which package suits your needs best, email is the easiest way for me to help you. Let me know what you want to learn about, what you already know, and where you are located, so we can work out a plan.

Consultations can be arranged for cloth nappies or baby carriers, or if you need EVERYTHING covered, just flick me an email and I will let you know how to book out a bigger chunk of time with me!

Yes! We sure can! Online consultations are a great way to have a visual conversation about your needs and wants, and for me to SHOW you as much as possible to cover all your questions.

The only thing we cannot do in an online consultation is physically TRY things out, so you won't be able to touch and snuggle the carriers or nappies (you'd be amazed how many people like this part!) and you won't be able to grab a demo doll and have a try of fitting them.

No, you definitely don't! I am more than happy to have a chat via email, Facebook Messenger or phone (although I am not amazing at answering calls, but I will always try to call you back).

You can also book a free Showroom Shopping Appointment, if you want to see the products and prints in real life and shop in person.

I give out a lot of free advice. Check out my Instagram and Facebook pages for an extensive collection of posts and videos.

You can always contact me via email, Facebook / Instagram Messenger or phone (although I am not amazing at answering calls, but I will always try to call you back).

You can also join my Facebook MCN Community for advice on the cloth nappies in my range.

You are more than welcome to book a free Showroom Shopping Appointment in my Beeliar Home Showroom if you prefer "real" shopping over online shopping!

*Please note: this booking provides a short window of opportunity for exclusive access to our showroom. Punctuality is appreciated as our schedule is busy and we often have multiple bookings in one day.

Babywearing FAQs

This is impossible to give a definitive answer to. In my personal experience, I believe a padded strap half buckle carrier like the Girasol MySol or Kokadi TaiTai is the easiest style of carrier to use, but like underwear, we all have different preferences so you might disagree.

Anything that you are comfortable wearing and confident using, will be easy.

Don't just fall for the marketing gimmicks - really ask the question "what makes this difficult?" If you don't know how to use it, perhaps find a way to try it out. See question below...

* Attend a local babywearing meet.

* Book a consultation (online or in person) with your preferred babywearing educator - I happen to know an awesome one! [wink]

* Try out your friends' carriers.

* Watch some of my Instagram or Facebook videos.

* Search YouTube ---- but BEWARE that literally anyone can post anything they wish on YouTube and nobody ever deletes anything so outdated and incorrect information exists everywhere).

* Be wary of babywearing marketing or advice given in online parenting groups.

I can teach you to use them as safely as possible, but I do not sell them.

I sell ergonomically designed, adjustable baby carriers that can be adapted to the individuals using them. Babywearing t-shirts and overalls (or garments) are not adjustable, and therefore cannot be adapted to provide adequate support throughout an extended babywearing journey, and cannot be used by the entire family unit unless everyone is the same body size or shape.

In the simplest terms- I don't sell forward facing baby carriers because I don't believe it is necessary in 99.9% of cases. I can help you safely wear your baby facing outwards in your own carrier if you like (simply book a BYO Baby Carrier consultation), but I cannot guarantee that it will be particularly comfortable for either of you, nor can I sell you a product that is specifically designed for this purpose.

Forward facing definitely has some benefits, including allowing families to keep baby close and comforted whilst working WITH them during therapy sessions. But in general, if a baby isn't comfortable facing inwards it is almost always either related to a poorly fitted or non-adjustable carrier, musculoskeletal discomfort (potentially due to a fast vaginal birth, cesarean delivery, hip dysplasia or a whole host of other reasons), OR a short developmental phase (that 16 week one is a big kicker - and at this time baby is usually not tall enough nor strong enough to safely face outwards in a baby carrier anyway).

If you think your baby would prefer to face outwards, consider the benefits of back carrying instead. One of the biggest reasons I prefer to back carry is that the weight of your baby remains in harmony with the wearer's body, not pulling away and therefore putting additional pressure on your shoulders and lower back. The other main reason I prefer a back carry is that baby can safely see over your shoulder and watch everything from your perspective (like they can when forward facing) but they can do this in an ergonomically optimal position and if they get tired they can safely fall asleep snuggled into your upper back without the risk of asphyxiation.

NOTE: a baby should NEVER be allowed to sleep whilst facing outwards in any baby carrier, ever. Even for a short period of time, the risk of cutting off their airways is too high no matter how closely you think you are watching them.

Cloth Nappy FAQs

The general guide is to work with 3 days worth of nappies.

For full time cloth nappy use during the first ~12 weeks of life, baby will need 10-12 nappy changes in a 24 hour period, so it is reasonable to need 30-36 newborn nappies. It is very common to hire newborn nappies because they are usually needed for a short period of time.

As baby grows and the nappy changes become a little less frequent, you can usually work off approximately 8 nappies per 24 hours, in which case you would need 24x one-size-fits-most or sized nappies.

You need some basics: An open air dry pail, hot water, detergent and a washing machine.

Flush/rinse solids, separate daily prewash, long hot main wash every 2-3 days, dry on the line or in the dryer (note: waterproofed items like nappy shells, breast pads and cloth pads should NOT be tumble dried).

See our Cloth Nappy Washing Guidelines page for more information.

Most young babies can manage overnight with a boosted day nappy, but eventually their overnight output increases and a night nappy may need to be introduced.

Dedicated night nappies contain multiple layers of highly absorbent, densely packed fibres to hold large amounts of fluid over an extended period of time. They are often "fitted" nappies, which means the entire nappy is absorbent. The benefit of this is that you can add extra absorbency on the outside of a fitted nappy for super heavy wetters. The negative is that you need to buy and use a separate waterproof cover (PUL, fleece or wool - your choice) over the top to keep baby and the bedding dry.

We certainly do! See our Cloth Nappy Glossary blog post.

I don't personally offer any MCN rebates, but your local city council might! Check out our list of local council cloth nappy rebates and be sure to let us know if we have missed one or something has changed.

If your local council is not on the list, reach out to their sustainability and/or waste management representatives and suggest they look into it.

All orders placed via Cloth and Carry receive an order confirmation email which includes a downloadable PDF receipt that you can use to claim your rebate.