Girasol-Girasol Woven Wrap - Light Rainbow - Cloth and Carry
Girasol-Girasol Woven Wrap - Light Rainbow - Cloth and Carry
Girasol-Girasol Woven Wrap - Light Rainbow - Cloth and Carry
Girasol-Girasol Woven Wrap - Light Rainbow - Cloth and Carry
Girasol-Girasol Woven Wrap - Light Rainbow - Cloth and Carry
Girasol-Girasol Woven Wrap - Light Rainbow - Cloth and Carry

Girasol Woven Wrap - Light Rainbow

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Girasol's Light Rainbow woven wrap is made from 100% pure cotton which is easy to care for and suitable from newborn to toddler. This diamond weave wrap has a surface weight of 228g/m². All Girasol woven wraps are 70cm wide.

There is hardly any other baby carrier as versatile as a baby wrap. Using different techniques to wrap you can use a baby sling with newborn babies (and also premature babies) as well as with toddlers. A wrap can almost always be perfectly adapted to the changing needs of both wrapper and wrappee.

Your choice of wrap size will depend on the babywearer - not on the baby, as well as the style of wrapping you plan to do.

Body measurements play a big role here - not only the clothing size, but also the width of the shoulders. A tall woman with broader shoulders automatically needs more fabric than a short woman with a very narrow stature, for example.

There are many different tying methods that require different amounts of fabric.

For example, less fabric is needed for a rucksack back carry than for a front wrap cross carry.

Girasol make a number of wrap sizes to choose from:

  • Size 3 - (length 3 m, width 0.6 m - 0.7 m) is generally considered a "shortie" wrap, primarily used by experienced wrappers for short wrapping techniques)
  • Size 4 - (length 3.6 m, width 0.6 m - 0.7 m) is generally suitable for the following carries: kangaroo carry, hip kangaroo carry and simple ruck carry.
  • Size 5 - (length 4.2 m, width 0.6 m - 0.7 m) is perfect for petite and short person.
  • Size 6 – (length 4.6 m, width 0.6 m - 0.7 m) is perfect for average built person (up to size 14/16).
  • Size 7 – (length 5.2 m, width 0.6 m - 0.7 m) is perfect for person wearing size 14/16 and bigger and also for a tall person (women over 178cm tall and men over 185cm tall – even slim built).
  • Size 9 - (length 6.0 m, width 0.6 m - 0.7 m) is perfect for larger parents and for fancy finishes.

This is a general guide. Need help deciding? Send us a message!

Fabric may shrink during the first wash - Girasol wraps are cut to the approximate post-wash length.

All Girasol wraps have certificate of compliance with safety norm ASTM F2907 - 22

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Customer Reviews

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Elsie Ruijgrok
Beautiful - still learning

Beautiful & soft, when I do manage to wear it with my now 5 month old it’s great. Still learning though. Feel a bit sad that this is my 2nd baby & I only got a woven wrap weeks ago!!! Definitely recommend to start trying & practice asap - even with a teddy or something. Alyce is very helpful :)



Alyce provides an excellent service. She is very friendly, easy-going, and knowledgable. Booking a consult with her to discuss and try on carriers was invaluable. I was finding the whole process of purchasing a carrier very confusing and daunting. There are so many on the market, and I had no idea what was going to work for me and my baby. I can be confident knowing that I have purchased a quality carrier that my little girl is comfortable and happy to be in. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services. I wish I had found her sooner - it would have saved me a lot of time and money!


Alyce is an absolute gem. She is a wealth of knowledge, if you have any queries at all she is the best person to speak to regarding all things Cloth and Baby wearing. I highly recommend her services, you won't regret it.


Alyce was very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to messages when I had queries about the fit of my new carrier. After a short chat and an online consult I now feel confident and very excited to be starting my baby-wearing journey. Thank you


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