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MySol/WrapMySol Meh Dai Tie Waistband


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The hip belt to tie for multi-coloured/rainbow products might look a little different colourwise, depending on the part of the wrap used for making it. 



Suitable for:

From newborn till toddlerhood (app. size 50/56 – 98 or age 2+)

(MySol oder WrapMySol babycarrier required)


One MySol / WrapMySol waistband hip belt to tie.

How to use:

Remove the buckle hip belt of the MySol or WrapMySol from the tunnel of the baby carrier after carefully loosening the hook and loop fastener. Thread the MySol hip belt to tie into the tunnel and fix it again with the hook and loop fastener. Ready!

Please make sure that the hook and loop parts fit exactly, so that neither fastener nor baby carrier get damaged with time.

If you are quite slim and the knot happens to be in the padded part of the waist band, please simply cross the ends of the waist band behind your back and tie the knot at the front.

Washing instruction:

Please hand wash with mild liquid detergent.

Description hip belt to tie for MySol or WrapMySol:

You have bought a MySol or WrapMySol with a buckle belt and found out, that you'd prefer a hip belt to tie? No problem there!

Due to its simple construction, the MySol and the WrapMySol are so flexible, that it is very easy to switch between the different types of hip belts.

Since the hip belt to tie has no buckle, it is in terms of production even more eco-friendly. Furthermore, there is no adjustment necessary when different people of different build carry the baby.